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Crowds logo Submit your photos on the 'Crowds' theme to get them exhibited in The Greenwich Gallery, run and owned by professional photographer Tony Othen.
Single images are £9.99, Portfolios of 3 are £14.99 or of 5 £19.99

19 Oct 2014 - 27 Feb 2015

Street Photography - Light Chaser logo Calling all light chasers Internationally! We are seeking eye-catching street photography images that includes the theme of light. Whether natural or artificial light, with or without contrasting shades, shadow and/or silhouettes, we want to see your best work for a chance to exhibit!

Single images are £9.99, Portfolios of 3 are £14.99 or of 5 £19.99

19 Oct 2014 - 13 Mar 2015

Black & White Portrait logo Submit your exceptional Black & White Portrait photos to get your photos exhibited free for 2 weeks at popular art gallery in Germany.

29 Oct 2014 - 31 Jan 2015

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On Our Streets logo Submit your best street photos to win free 2 weeks exhibition in top gallery in London's Greenwich, run and owned by a professional photographer Tony Othen. Gallery is otherwise typically £600 to hire.

Landscape logo Landscape photos with highest number of award.ios will be exhibited at the prestigious London Photo Festival 16-18 October 2014 at The Crypt. The London Photo Festival will take care of the printing and installation of the winning image (A3 mounted unframed).

Thames Lens 2013 logo Thames Festival, largest festival in United Kingdom, were looking for the best amateur photographs for their annual photo contest (Thames Lens 2013) in three different categories. Many festival goers participated.